Wanna Get Married? Read This!

For some bachelors, the word “marriage” is enough to make them break out in cold sweat. Certain stigmas about married couples may continue to linger especially if you don’t receive singles romance tips. For example, books and mass media often projects marriage as settling down to dullness, meaningless fights, and money problems. This paints a dark cloud over marriage. However, real men who experienced the joys of being with someone, it is probably the best thing that ever happened to them.

This positive perception is supported by recent findings from the University of Michigan. In the report, it states that happily married couples live healthier and longer lives compared to widowed individuals. The study suggests that the loss of a partner has such an impact on a person that it affects his health. Although no one likes the thought of losing someone, the data only shows that each one has to cherish the time they have together. Below are 3 quick tips that will help your partner feel like you truly care:

Be Passionate – marriage shouldn’t be a dull affair. Unfortunately, stress with work, kids, and household chores, it becomes hard to ignite your passion. Don’t let the predictability of routine and the stress of everyday life get to you. When your partner comes home one night, help with the chores and then provide a relaxing massage just like you did in singles romance. It might lead to snoring but it won’t go unappreciated.

Be Considerate – people can get so used to each other that they start to take each other for granted. This is a very bad idea. Even saying “thank you” to show gratitude will not go unnoticed. Married couples can strengthen their bond by being open, trustworthy, and considerate. Showing kindness to your spouse will definitely go a long way.

Be Unpredictable – it is inevitable for married couples to establish a routine in their life. But having surprises once in a while is important as well. If you usually go to a Chinese restaurant on a Friday night, why not go to a French one instead. Likewise, giving flowers or gifts when it is least expected can generate squeals or delight and reignite passion just like singles romance.

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What Do Americans Want from Online Dating?

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It is a given that every culture has its own do’s and don’ts when it comes to relationships. There are also certain etiquettes that need to be observed. An acceptable behavior for Asians, for example, might not be acceptable for Americans and vice-versa. Previously, cultural differences weren’t that much big of a deal. After all, foreigners who live abroad never forget to read up first, observe, and immerse themselves into the culture first before they get into dating.

However, these differences are becoming more of an issue now because of the popularity of online dating. Because internet dating gives singles access to different people online, trying to find the perfect singles romance just became more challenging. If you are interested in an American single, then research shows that the following are important to them:

Emotional Baggage is a No-No – everyone has skeletons in their closets and undeniably, everyone is damaged in some way. It is just part of life. But burdening your date during your first meeting after online dating is definitely a not a good idea. Leave your heavy baggage at the door and just enjoy yourself.

Activity Dates are Cool – before, most meetings after online dating is composed of dinner or coffee. Nowadays, men and women American singles say that they want activity dates. So next time it’s your turn to plan the date, consider biking, skiing, or even just going to the arcade if that’s her thing.

Men Generally Prefer Women who Have Little Makeup On – except for areas where men are used to dating singles with heavy make-up on, men in general want their date to go light on eye shadows and false eyelashes.

Genuine Profile Pictures – in their attempt to attract the opposite sex, men and women singles both commit “lies” through their pictures. It is important to realize that sooner or later, you will be found out. And you just might lose the person you’re trying to impress into dating you for real.

Save All That Banter for the Real Date – if sparks fly in online dating, Americans say they prefer to date sooner rather than later. They want to exchange all that banter and jokes in a dinner table, not in online private message or email. Many think that e-flirting only appeals to people who (1) have no life, (2) hate their work, or (3) are in prison.

So the next time you look for the real singles romance after online dating, consider the feedback single Americans gave us about their dating preferences. And remember, each one of the people you meet online is unique in his or her own way. Don’t close your doors just yet, online dating might just surprise you.

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Top 4 Easy Dating Tips That Will Make Her Melt

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Back in grade school, you realized that telling Laurie you liked her drawing brought a smile to her face. She might have reacted favorably, like letting you copy her assignment and sharing some of her snacks with you. Even as children, people are already hard-wired to like compliments and admiration. The main difference between then and now is that the pay-off is greater since you’re both grown-ups. This is where singles dating tips comes in.

The principles of giving praise (sincere ones, mind you) are still similar. You’d find out though that complimenting someone about their drawing, except if they’re artists of course, is no longer enough. They need more than that to melt in your hands. The things you need to give area also greater because of this. If you do it correctly though, you’d find out that it is more than worth your while.

Be Sure to Listen – people will always want to talk about themselves, whether they’re children or grown-ups. One of the biggest compliments is to give genuine attention. Show interest in what they’re saying and provide your own insights. Even asking little questions here and there can go a long way.

Show Your Admiration – tell her what you like about her. It doesn’t matter if it’s her love for animals, her dedication to her work, or her sense of humor. Be sure to let her know that you enjoy her company.

Learn something from her – if she seems open to the idea, try to learn something from her. Letting her teach you something like cooking, yoga, or gardening will make her feel good. This is especially true if you reveal she makes you feel complete as a person.

Provide Moral Support – this is one of the most important dating tips every guy should implement. There are those days when she will inevitably feel down because work-related problems, some issues about her friends, or jut her mood in general. Show your commitment by being there for her during the bad times.

Now, it’s time to implement these singles dating tips! Don’t worry, your venture into singles romance won’t go wrong if you do these singles dating advice mentioned above properly.

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Five Fun Ideas for a Real First Date after Online Dating

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A first date that’s full of fun is memorable especially if you felt some chemistry. When the date preparation is up to you, then make sure you do everything that will spark a singles romance. Impress her by showing off your thoughtful side. And let her know that the two of you have something beyond online dating.

Your date surely loves surprises so you better let your creativity and your singles romance ideas shine through. Here are some fun ideas that will increase your chances to hit that second date.

1. Disco or Fun Indoor Sport.
If you know that your date is fond of dancing based on your communication in online dating, take her to a club and dance with her! On the other hand, if she loves sports, then go to a roller-skating alley and just have fun. Make sure you take pictures. They it will give you something to discuss and laugh over afterward.

2. Carnival
If your date is a kid at heart, she will surely appreciate a night in a carnival. There’s no way your date will be bored because there are lots of interesting things to see, experience, and talk about. You’ll definitely have a comfortable conversation flow.

3. Movie-Dinner Route
Reverse the traditional dinner-movie routine. This time, try going to the movie first before heading for dinner. This will give you enough time to get to know each other better after online dating. The film will also give you something to discuss about over dinner. You’ll create a bonding experience especially if the movie you watched was memorable.

4. Sing your Heart Out
If you both love to sing, then there’s nothing better than going to a Karaoke bar together. To add to the fun, sing onstage and show off your talent.

5. Road trip
No, you don’t need to go to a specific place, just get in the car and drive. What’s important with a car date is that you have the chance to talk without having to worry about the money, ambiance, or pretensions. Just pull over to a drive-through if you get hungry.

It is possible for an online dating to move on to an offline romance. Just know the moves that will make it comfortable and fun. And it’s all good.

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Why Couples Shouldn’t Argue During Mealtime

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Though the title can say otherwise, this blog post is not a guide to etiquette. It is a practical, even common-sense guide that a lot of couples fail to do. Every mealtime should be a celebration. It should not be seen as a time to iron out certain issues in your home or love life. There are many reasons to avoid conflicts during mealtime including:

• The Smallest Issue Gets Blown Out of Proportion – if you’re both hungry, chances are, one of you will blow up in anger. It is easy to get irritable when you lack nourishment and it hurtful words can be exchanged just because of this.

• Tension Can Cause Tummy Ache – another reason to avoid arguing during mealtime is that it can cause indigestion. When you have “that feeling” that no one wants, your emotional pain can easily be translated into physical pain.

• You Might Hurt Yourself – if you tense up, you might chose on what you’re eating. Worse, you might bite the spoon, the fork, or your tongue accidentally. Plus, remember that you’ll look unattractive with tears running down your face and your mouth full.

The reason for this post is that I recently saw a couple who were bickering in a nearby table. Of course, it was obvious that they don’t want to be together even though they tried very hard not to show it. But not being able to bear the sight of each other anymore, they left without finishing their food. What happened to singles romance?

It is almost a given that couples will meet for lunch or go out to dinner whether they want to enjoy each other’s company or discuss bothersome issues. Whatever the case might be for the two of you, it is very important to agree beforehand that the two of you will not kill each other on the dinner table.

Arguing during mealtime is just a very bad idea. And most of all, everything you eat will taste like chalk because your mind is too preoccupied hurt and thinking about how you will strike next.

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Decoding Mixed Signals from Women in Singles Romance

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Are you confused about the signals you’re receiving from a woman? Is she or is she not into you? Well, you’re not alone. Millions of guys around the world are in the same boat especially when it’s their first time to delve into singles romance. Women can be flirty one minute and detached the next. They might open up to their vulnerabilities but backs away when you try to help them out.

Guys end up puzzled about what they should do next in a singles dating. On one hand, they don’t want to pursue a woman who clearly does not want them. But on the other hand, they are not really sure if they were rejected already. Fortunately, there are some singles dating tips that can help you out of this rut:

Should You Disclose Too Much?

Just like you cannot compare yourself to some other guys, don’t assume that all women are the same. Certain types of women prefer macho guys while some love sensitive ones. Find out which category your date falls under to know your next move. If she loves macho guys, then don’t disclose too much of yourself or show too much emotion.

But if she seems like the friendly girl-next-door type who is attracted to sensitive guys, then it might be safe to tell her more about yourself and your vulnerabilities. Just be careful about saying too much especially at the start of the singles romance.

Act Confident Even if You Don’t Feel Like It

There are some girls who like guys who put them on a pedestal. They will entertain singles romance with these guys. However, if they continue to be her “subordinate”, they will eventually lose interest. The flirtation stops and they look for other fishes elsewhere.
Bottom line: act confident even if you are intimidated by her attractiveness and popularity. Chances are, she will find it more attractive than if you follow her every wish.

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Singles Romance: Don’t Let Negative Emotions Overwhelm You

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For a guy, becoming too emotional is one of the critical mistakes in singles romance. When a guy sees an attractive woman, they become nervous, become immobilized, and freak out during the first conversation. This is a definite no-no. It reveals that you’re not in control of yourself. And some guys might not lose control over their emotions during the first date, but they literally FREAK OUT when it is time to kiss the girl. And when the woman they want doesn’t call back, they sulk and get upset.

It is a fact that women tests you and challenges some of the things you say. They do it to gauge your sincerity and trustworthiness. However, this is another area men fall victim to. Instead of passing the “test”, they become nervous and unsure of themselves. Thus, they look insincere when the truth is they just lack self-confidence.
The core lesson is that if you allow yourself to be TOO emotional in singles romance, you will screw up…without exception. It is a universal experience for males in this planet. Wait a minute…

BUT EMOTIONS ARE GOOD, AREN’T THEY? Shouldn’t I just show how I feel?

There are actually two kinds of emotions. The first is “positive” and it is based on happiness and joy while the second is the “negative” one which is based on uncertainty and fear. There are things that make you feel good about yourself and there are the things that upset you. People experience emotions in varying degrees.

Once it becomes too strong, it can literally consume your mind and body. In some situations, it can be an incredibly powerful positive experience. It drives people to pursue their passions and achieve their goals. But on the other hand, it can turn very negative as well. It is very important not to let your negative emotions get the better of you around women. Your singles romance will not work if women see you as a wussy. Controlling your emotions is a challenge you should overcome to attract women.

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