Online Dating Tips for Men

Online Dating has already been a craze, especially because a lot of people spend most of their time in the Internet. However, the dynamics of dating in the real world is a far cry from its online counterpart. If you want to have a better chance in online dating, then it would do well for you to remember the following advice:

1. Create a better profile. Women are interested more with men who are honest and confident in their profiles. Be sure to constantly update your photos and avoid being negative as it deters interest in women. Be descriptive and clever with your profile; show as much true humor as you can muster and always strive to be unique but original. Remember that your profile is like your resume. Women tend to be choosy and they have a set of standards so you’d do well to beef up your profile.

2. Be open-minded. Never rush for the perfect date or the perfect match. Whether online or in person; when you are dating, you are trying to get to know the other person so don’t pass judgment yet. Even if you already have a particular preference for skin or hair color, being open would enrich your life experience and let you gain new perspectives. Be patient and consider multiple singles so you can have a range of different experiences with other people that will help you decide what features you want best. You can narrow down your choices and pick the one who reflects your personal beliefs best.

3. Know what you want. Do not waste time and hurt other people’s feelings, always clarify the level of your friendship and decide what stage you want yourself to be in. Know what you are looking for so you can prevent damages from being done. This would mean that you have to be open-minded but responsible as well. Make sure that you respect women when you try to get to know them. Women love men who know their thing and are in control. You also have to pick the right online dating site, one that aligns with your personal preferences on online dating.

4. Always tell the truth. You don’t want to earn the wrath of your potential friend or lover just because of a simple white lie. No matter how earnest you ask for forgiveness, there is one in a million chance that women will forget the lie easily. Never lie online; it’s a big turn down.

5. Don’t give up easily. Be patient and fight feelings of discouragement. Although women receive a lot of emails and messages every day, with a unique profile you are bound to find your match in the right time. There are thousands of women online from all over the world. Always remember to be open-minded and patient. You might be surprised and thankful with what you find over the internet.

6. Lastly, don’t get too close too fast. Remember that Women don’t like being rushed. Women want attention, care and someone to enjoy their life with (women are bugged by pushy men). Just play it cool, be respectful, and genuinely enjoy your time with her. That will surely do the trick. Women want their man to show them how to have fun in life and be secure at the same time. You’d like to give that hint to women when you are online dating.

Make online dating a worthwhile experience. Remember these tips and find your match now.

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Would You Like About Your Age, Status, Weight, Etc in Online Dating?

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It’s definitely a jungle out there, in online dating that is. With tons of profiles vying for attention, it is easy to get confused about who you want to impress. A lot of people “date” several people at the same time on the internet. But what if your picture is not as attractive as the other ones posted there? Will you get a chance at singles romance? A lot of men are insecure enough to say no.

The online dating scene can definitely be intimidating. Like it or not, the reality is you are judged based on your looks in internet singles romance. Your looks, age, and finances are all taken into consideration by women singles and even gay singles! But let me be the first to tell you, this is no excuse for lies. Below are singles dating advice that lets you know when to draw the line:

Look into the Advantages and Disadvantages

It’s merely human nature. Obviously, you’d be tempted to lie about your age or weight if you think that it is likely to knock you off internet dating site success. Adding a few thousand dollars into your income or shaving off some years from your real age might get you back into the dating game but it is hardly ethical. Also, you should consider its consequences if you hit it off with someone you meet through online dating. How will you fess up?

Look through the Eyes of the Other Person

That is, try to put yourself in your online date’s shoe. Would it feel good to be misled, deceived, and just plain lied to? Of course not. Before you change something about your age, body size, or income, delve deeper into your conscience. If you have an ex-wife and children, tell it straight.

Remember, at the end of the day, it’s not about superficial things and pretensions; the issue is how you see yourself and your situation. Just be yourself. It may sound cliché; believe me though, it works. In most cases, your skewed state of mind is the one and lack of confidence is what’s hindering you from online dating success.

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