Decoding Mixed Signals from Women in Singles Romance

singles dating advice

Are you confused about the signals you’re receiving from a woman? Is she or is she not into you? Well, you’re not alone. Millions of guys around the world are in the same boat especially when it’s their first time to delve into singles romance. Women can be flirty one minute and detached the next. They might open up to their vulnerabilities but backs away when you try to help them out.

Guys end up puzzled about what they should do next in a singles dating. On one hand, they don’t want to pursue a woman who clearly does not want them. But on the other hand, they are not really sure if they were rejected already. Fortunately, there are some singles dating tips that can help you out of this rut:

Should You Disclose Too Much?

Just like you cannot compare yourself to some other guys, don’t assume that all women are the same. Certain types of women prefer macho guys while some love sensitive ones. Find out which category your date falls under to know your next move. If she loves macho guys, then don’t disclose too much of yourself or show too much emotion.

But if she seems like the friendly girl-next-door type who is attracted to sensitive guys, then it might be safe to tell her more about yourself and your vulnerabilities. Just be careful about saying too much especially at the start of the singles romance.

Act Confident Even if You Don’t Feel Like It

There are some girls who like guys who put them on a pedestal. They will entertain singles romance with these guys. However, if they continue to be her “subordinate”, they will eventually lose interest. The flirtation stops and they look for other fishes elsewhere.
Bottom line: act confident even if you are intimidated by her attractiveness and popularity. Chances are, she will find it more attractive than if you follow her every wish.

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