Tips in Posting Good Online Dating Photo – Part 2

In the Part 1 of Tips in Posting Good Online Dating Photos, we have outlined 4 excellent tips that will help you get noticed in the world of internet dating using your online photos. But knowing that most singles using free dating sites need more, we thought about another set of tips that will help you stand out. Among the things you should consider doing include:

  1. Post “Action” Shots – if you love a certain type of sport, then post a photo of you in a basketball jersey or running outfit on free dating sites. This will give other singles a sense of who you are and what they can expect from you. And even if you’re not active in any sports, it is still possible to post exciting shots. Placing a picture of you at the park, at the university, or hanging out with friends is also a good idea.
  2. Remove Your Sunglasses – people think that sunglasses make them look cool. To a certain extent that may be true. However, in trying to meet someone in Christian dating sites or free dating sites, the more open you are the better. Ditch the glasses and be more natural. Your eyes are the window to your soul, after all.
  3. Don’t Put an Online Photo of Yourself with Someone from the Opposite Sex – this may seem obvious to some but it is surprising the number of men who make this mistake. Never put a picture of yourself posing with an ex or even a “special” friend. It will make you look like a two-timing jerk. Also, never crop out a girl from the photo, especially if some parts of her hair or arm are still showing. Still not convinced? How would you like it if a potential long-term partner asks you about it on the first date? Awkward, right?
  4. Don’t Post an Online Photo with Kids – unless you’re a proud daddy of a little kid(s), posting your cute photo with little tykes is not a good idea. Women might get the wrong signals. They might think that you’re looking for someone to take care of the kids. And some women don’t cherish the thought of taking care of tykes that are not their own.

Put More than One Photo – women will only have a rudimentary portrayal of you if there’s not enough information on your profile. Putting two or more photos on free dating sites is a good way to let them know more about yourself. Aside from placing a close-up shot, a full-body shot will be appreciated as well.

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Singles Dating Advice for Cold Winter Nights

Winter is a miserable time for most people. The coldness, the chills, and uncomfortable showers make them hide in the house soaking in the heat until winter is finally over. For most people, winter is all about going home as soon as possible after work, being indoors, and shoveling snow. Luckily, the amount of home entertainment today has reached high proportions.

So get rid of boredom and do something with your loved one. Some of the things that can improve the bond between couples include:

  1. Movie Nights – this concept is obviously not a new idea but you can definitely put a twist to it. Instead of watching predictable DVDs, amp it up by cooking delectable meals, preparing snacks, or renting an exciting Blockbuster movie.
  2. Spa at Home – spa is very relaxing, especially during wintertime. Everyone appreciates a foot massage, a warm bath, or a back rub. So buy fragrant oils or aromatherapy candles and be prepared to give your loved one a relaxing massage.
  3. Go For Indoor Sports – visit an indoor climbing center, go roller skating, or try go-carting to make wintertime more fun and entertaining for you and your loved one. Indoor sports will also help you keep active despite the cold weather. It is highly recommended.
  4. Video Game Contests – when it is too cold outside, bring the fun inside. If you have enough funds, buy a gaming console and spend the day playing “sports”. Although online games are a good option, it might be best to buy a Wii so that you are still required to move around.
  5. Plan a Real Vacation – no matter how good simulating a vacation is, there is nothing better than the real thing. If you’ve been aching to go on a cruise, now is the time to do it. Meanwhile, relaxing at beach resorts and eating seafood may be idyllic for some. If it is possible for you to do this, do it during wintertime. You’ll feel the difference!
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Dating a Friend’s Ex: Is It a No-No?

Open-minded individuals will tell you, it’s OK. When they’re in the actual situation though, having their friend date their girlfriend still feels disturbing especially when they need to provide singles dating advice. Well, there is no denying that this situation is uncomfortable. If you want to date a friend’s ex, the first thing you need to accent is that you’re on shaky ground. Some people can eventually tolerate it but in certain cases, one relationship or another needs to be broken.

Let’s take the example of Laura. She is obviously a female but her situation is almost exactly the same as what some guys need to deal with. Laura and Elise had been friends since college. When Elise broke up with her boyfriend amicably, Laura was there to comfort her and provide singles dating advice. But Laura has also become close friends with Dan, the ex-boyfriend. She knows the two sides of the coin. A relationship between them developed after they’ve been friends for a year.

When Laura talked to Elise about it, her friend requested her not to go through with it. However, knowing that Dan was serious and recognizing the seriousness of her own feelings, she still decided to go through with it. This inevitably drew a wedge in their friendship. For Laura, the request was unfair since Elise even already has a new boyfriend. Elise, for her part, believed that the new romance is a betrayal. Whatever the case, Laura decided that Dan was worth it.

Laura and Elise might no longer be friends now. In the process though, Laura gained a lifelong love because she was courageous enough to let go of an old friendship.

The situation is obviously different for everyone. Some people are better off cherishing their friendship because the budding romance might turn out to be a dud. Singles dating advice might help but it is a risk that only the person involved can decide for himself.

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Singles Dating Advice: The Do’s and Don’ts for Men


For men, the rules of dating are blurred. It is said that “men are from Mars and women are from Venus”, and, in the dating game, this is very much accurate. So what can a guy do, they palms begin to damp and you get nervous about every awkward silence that occurs. If you have a hot date and want to impress her, here are some 5 singles dating advice that will help you out:

Let Her Talk About Herself – many women are good communicators. They listen attentively when talked to and give appropriate response. Unfortunately, some guys are not able to give them the opportunity to talk because they blabber a lot. Even quiet guys have the tendency to be nervous and cover up this “weakness” by talking too much on the first date. Calm down. Just follow the general rule: don’t talk more than she does.

Look at Her Straight – but don’t stare. Give her your 100 percent attention. Looking away is a signal that you’re not interested. In fact, is highly recommended to make eye contact because it makes her feel safe and secure about opening up to you. This is when the bonding takes place.

Be Nice But Not Needy – there is a misconception that women go for the “bad boys”. This is not necessarily true. Like men, some women prefer rebels while some prefer intellectuals. Whatever the case, showing respect and doing small acts of kindness can go a long way. Don’t listen to singles dating advice that tell you otherwise.

Refrain from Using the Sympathy Card – the only thing this would accomplish is a look of pity. Some men play this card by telling the girl how they were abused as a child or how a previous disaster shaped them. If your story is interesting enough, it might work. But in almost all cases, it doesn’t. Use your judgment.

Dating isn’t rocket science but no one can deny that it can get really complicated and even messy. By following the singles dating advice above, you are one step ahead in attaining relationship success.

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Would You Like About Your Age, Status, Weight, Etc in Online Dating?

internet singles

It’s definitely a jungle out there, in online dating that is. With tons of profiles vying for attention, it is easy to get confused about who you want to impress. A lot of people “date” several people at the same time on the internet. But what if your picture is not as attractive as the other ones posted there? Will you get a chance at singles romance? A lot of men are insecure enough to say no.

The online dating scene can definitely be intimidating. Like it or not, the reality is you are judged based on your looks in internet singles romance. Your looks, age, and finances are all taken into consideration by women singles and even gay singles! But let me be the first to tell you, this is no excuse for lies. Below are singles dating advice that lets you know when to draw the line:

Look into the Advantages and Disadvantages

It’s merely human nature. Obviously, you’d be tempted to lie about your age or weight if you think that it is likely to knock you off internet dating site success. Adding a few thousand dollars into your income or shaving off some years from your real age might get you back into the dating game but it is hardly ethical. Also, you should consider its consequences if you hit it off with someone you meet through online dating. How will you fess up?

Look through the Eyes of the Other Person

That is, try to put yourself in your online date’s shoe. Would it feel good to be misled, deceived, and just plain lied to? Of course not. Before you change something about your age, body size, or income, delve deeper into your conscience. If you have an ex-wife and children, tell it straight.

Remember, at the end of the day, it’s not about superficial things and pretensions; the issue is how you see yourself and your situation. Just be yourself. It may sound cliché; believe me though, it works. In most cases, your skewed state of mind is the one and lack of confidence is what’s hindering you from online dating success.

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Top 3 Singles Dating Advice for the First Date


After mustering enough courage to ask her out, you now have a date. Now, congratulate yourself and plan your next move. It is a given that the date itself can be nerve-wracking especially if you are wildly attracted to her. Fortunately, there’s many ways to prepare and help things run more smoothly. If you play your cards right, she just might think of you as her knight in shining armor direct from the story book.

Know Where To Go – it is a real turn-off if you go on a date and don’t know where to go. The girl is assuming that you took the lead since you asked her out. So plan something in advance. Going out for lunch or dinner is always a safe option. The good thing about a short date is that there is not much pressure to prolong the agony if the two of you are simply not compatible.

Avoid Awkward Silences – no one wants awkward silences during the first date. It is uncomfortable and makes both parties unsure of themselves. Well, it is actually quite easy to avoid this. You can simply read up on today’s newspapers to know the latest show-biz gossip or world news. Choose three or four topics as backup in case you don’t have anything to talk about.

Muster the Art of Casual Conversations – there is a perception that dates should be serious. That’s the reason why most people feel compelled to talk about heavy topics and their feelings. But the truth is, no one wants to feel pressured on the first date. Be sure to keep everything light by knowing casual topics that can easily be talked about. Conversing about the restaurant’s menu, your hobbies, and travel are pretty safe bets.

Probably the best ice-breaker though is your sense of humor. Also, throwing in some offbeat trivia or question can lighten the mood dramatically. For example, asking something like “If you can cook for three kings from history, who would they be?” The conversation can then proceed to the “whys” and you will know each other better without trying too hard.

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Why Couples Shouldn’t Argue During Mealtime

single romance

Though the title can say otherwise, this blog post is not a guide to etiquette. It is a practical, even common-sense guide that a lot of couples fail to do. Every mealtime should be a celebration. It should not be seen as a time to iron out certain issues in your home or love life. There are many reasons to avoid conflicts during mealtime including:

• The Smallest Issue Gets Blown Out of Proportion – if you’re both hungry, chances are, one of you will blow up in anger. It is easy to get irritable when you lack nourishment and it hurtful words can be exchanged just because of this.

• Tension Can Cause Tummy Ache – another reason to avoid arguing during mealtime is that it can cause indigestion. When you have “that feeling” that no one wants, your emotional pain can easily be translated into physical pain.

• You Might Hurt Yourself – if you tense up, you might chose on what you’re eating. Worse, you might bite the spoon, the fork, or your tongue accidentally. Plus, remember that you’ll look unattractive with tears running down your face and your mouth full.

The reason for this post is that I recently saw a couple who were bickering in a nearby table. Of course, it was obvious that they don’t want to be together even though they tried very hard not to show it. But not being able to bear the sight of each other anymore, they left without finishing their food. What happened to singles romance?

It is almost a given that couples will meet for lunch or go out to dinner whether they want to enjoy each other’s company or discuss bothersome issues. Whatever the case might be for the two of you, it is very important to agree beforehand that the two of you will not kill each other on the dinner table.

Arguing during mealtime is just a very bad idea. And most of all, everything you eat will taste like chalk because your mind is too preoccupied hurt and thinking about how you will strike next.

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Singles Romance: Don’t Let Negative Emotions Overwhelm You

singles romance

For a guy, becoming too emotional is one of the critical mistakes in singles romance. When a guy sees an attractive woman, they become nervous, become immobilized, and freak out during the first conversation. This is a definite no-no. It reveals that you’re not in control of yourself. And some guys might not lose control over their emotions during the first date, but they literally FREAK OUT when it is time to kiss the girl. And when the woman they want doesn’t call back, they sulk and get upset.

It is a fact that women tests you and challenges some of the things you say. They do it to gauge your sincerity and trustworthiness. However, this is another area men fall victim to. Instead of passing the “test”, they become nervous and unsure of themselves. Thus, they look insincere when the truth is they just lack self-confidence.
The core lesson is that if you allow yourself to be TOO emotional in singles romance, you will screw up…without exception. It is a universal experience for males in this planet. Wait a minute…

BUT EMOTIONS ARE GOOD, AREN’T THEY? Shouldn’t I just show how I feel?

There are actually two kinds of emotions. The first is “positive” and it is based on happiness and joy while the second is the “negative” one which is based on uncertainty and fear. There are things that make you feel good about yourself and there are the things that upset you. People experience emotions in varying degrees.

Once it becomes too strong, it can literally consume your mind and body. In some situations, it can be an incredibly powerful positive experience. It drives people to pursue their passions and achieve their goals. But on the other hand, it can turn very negative as well. It is very important not to let your negative emotions get the better of you around women. Your singles romance will not work if women see you as a wussy. Controlling your emotions is a challenge you should overcome to attract women.

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Meeting Someone New: Should You Join Single Dating Groups?

single dating groups

One of the major complaints of singles these days is that “I don’t meet anyone new”. Well, it is easy enough to change that. The problem is, most people are either too comfortable in their comfort zone already. They are afraid to explore and join single dating groups. It is important to realize that attitude change is crucial in meeting potential matches.

There are many people looking for other singles. Just look at the number of bars, clubs, and parties in your area. These hot spots are usually frequented by hot singles looking for that initial encounter. Most people don’t want to go this route though because there is a perception that people at wild parties are not looking for anything serious. If this is the case for you, it might be a good idea to consider these alternatives:

Joining an Evening Class – classes can help you meet new people and make new friends. And if you are fortunate enough to have “cool” classmates, then drinks, single dating groups, and out-of-town trips are not far behind. These events will help you know your classmates better. It will also give you an opportunity to see how your crush reacts to different situations. Even if you didn’t find your special someone here though, at least you learned something new!

Visiting Art Galleries – one good thing about art galleries is that it is socially acceptable to be on your own. And there are tons of people who hang around exhibits to appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity involved in creating unique pieces. Starting a conversation is also easy.

Enrolling in a Dance Class – joining a dance class can be a hot experience especially if your class involves the salsa or other intimate dances. There is no pressure to make it “work”. Just enjoy the music, the flow of the dance, and the laughter with everyone. Men and women who enroll in dance classes are also high on endorphin (the happiness hormone) so they feel more carefree.

The point is, it is possible to meet your potential match anywhere. From the supermarket to joining single dating groups, keeping your doors open is crucial if you want to go from singlehood to “couplehood”.

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