Singles Romance: Don’t Let Negative Emotions Overwhelm You

singles romance

For a guy, becoming too emotional is one of the critical mistakes in singles romance. When a guy sees an attractive woman, they become nervous, become immobilized, and freak out during the first conversation. This is a definite no-no. It reveals that you’re not in control of yourself. And some guys might not lose control over their emotions during the first date, but they literally FREAK OUT when it is time to kiss the girl. And when the woman they want doesn’t call back, they sulk and get upset.

It is a fact that women tests you and challenges some of the things you say. They do it to gauge your sincerity and trustworthiness. However, this is another area men fall victim to. Instead of passing the “test”, they become nervous and unsure of themselves. Thus, they look insincere when the truth is they just lack self-confidence.
The core lesson is that if you allow yourself to be TOO emotional in singles romance, you will screw up…without exception. It is a universal experience for males in this planet. Wait a minute…

BUT EMOTIONS ARE GOOD, AREN’T THEY? Shouldn’t I just show how I feel?

There are actually two kinds of emotions. The first is “positive” and it is based on happiness and joy while the second is the “negative” one which is based on uncertainty and fear. There are things that make you feel good about yourself and there are the things that upset you. People experience emotions in varying degrees.

Once it becomes too strong, it can literally consume your mind and body. In some situations, it can be an incredibly powerful positive experience. It drives people to pursue their passions and achieve their goals. But on the other hand, it can turn very negative as well. It is very important not to let your negative emotions get the better of you around women. Your singles romance will not work if women see you as a wussy. Controlling your emotions is a challenge you should overcome to attract women.

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Meeting Someone New: Should You Join Single Dating Groups?

single dating groups

One of the major complaints of singles these days is that “I don’t meet anyone new”. Well, it is easy enough to change that. The problem is, most people are either too comfortable in their comfort zone already. They are afraid to explore and join single dating groups. It is important to realize that attitude change is crucial in meeting potential matches.

There are many people looking for other singles. Just look at the number of bars, clubs, and parties in your area. These hot spots are usually frequented by hot singles looking for that initial encounter. Most people don’t want to go this route though because there is a perception that people at wild parties are not looking for anything serious. If this is the case for you, it might be a good idea to consider these alternatives:

Joining an Evening Class – classes can help you meet new people and make new friends. And if you are fortunate enough to have “cool” classmates, then drinks, single dating groups, and out-of-town trips are not far behind. These events will help you know your classmates better. It will also give you an opportunity to see how your crush reacts to different situations. Even if you didn’t find your special someone here though, at least you learned something new!

Visiting Art Galleries – one good thing about art galleries is that it is socially acceptable to be on your own. And there are tons of people who hang around exhibits to appreciate the craftsmanship and creativity involved in creating unique pieces. Starting a conversation is also easy.

Enrolling in a Dance Class – joining a dance class can be a hot experience especially if your class involves the salsa or other intimate dances. There is no pressure to make it “work”. Just enjoy the music, the flow of the dance, and the laughter with everyone. Men and women who enroll in dance classes are also high on endorphin (the happiness hormone) so they feel more carefree.

The point is, it is possible to meet your potential match anywhere. From the supermarket to joining single dating groups, keeping your doors open is crucial if you want to go from singlehood to “couplehood”.

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