Keeping the Passion on Fire – Tips on Long Distance Online Relationships

Surveys and reports have  returned a statistic of over 1.5 million people who are currently fostering a long distance relationships. This is due to the advent of the internet where more and more people meet and find love after online dating. Some other reason may include lovers who have to be separated in distance due to military services, career choices as well as work opportunities. The point is, countless numbers of people are engaged and trying to survive their Long Distance Relationships.

Distance creates a huge gap between two people and you need to be able to fill in that wide space when you are online dating. As men, you need to ensure that your woman feels your full love and care even though you are miles apart. Many online dating relationships suffer because of problems due to their long distance status. To be able to keep the love alight between you and your online dating partner, here are important guidelines to follow:

1. Always Communicate with Each Other. This is the most basic premise when engaging in an online dating or long distance relationship. Always update each other – that means, contact her daily! Make use of your webcam and talk to each other whenever some issues arise in your relationship. Remind your partner that you are always there for her to come home to and discuss all angst and challenges in her daily work.

2. Discover and Improve on Your Interests and Desires. When separated or out of physical contact with your woman, develop your skills and interests. Work hard, be with your friends and family and enhance your interests. Have fun and keep yourself emotionally healthy so you can share the goodness and love that you feel with your online date. A happy and healthy person is basic to a good and stable relationship. Always keep that in mind.

3. Never Discuss Problems Over the Phone. Phone calls are good when sharing experiences and happy situations with your woman. If you are facing problems or major issues then never discuss it over the telephone. Choose a face to face discussion so you can both clarify  your points and opinions and work out your problem well. When discussions are only through the phone, never drop or allow the conversation to end without both of you agreeing on an acceptable solution for your issues.

4. Be Loyal. Monogamy is a virtue which will allow you to have a hassle and guilt-free online dating relationship. Honesty starts within yourself and to prevent problems, practice monogamy. Have a serious talk with you partner and agree that both of you will have an exclusive relationship with each other. Agree with each other that both of you will not go dating with others while you are both with each other, although far apart. According to a study conducted by Lyndon et al, “moral commitment” is found to be one of the major key to have a stable and lasting long distance dating relationship.

6. Be Creative. There are a lot of ways to keep your love alive by constantly reminding yourself of her, and she of you. Keep a picture of her and greet it every time you wake up and before you go to sleep. Make a scrap book full of happy pictures with your faces glowing with each other. Keep a handkerchief or shirt, stuffed toy, pillow or anything with her perfume so you could be reminded of her. Make her do that as well. Studies show that 90% of women and 50% men smell the clothes of their partners to feel and establish a sense of closeness.

Aim to foster a good and passionate online dating relationship by employing the techniques mentioned above. Enjoy your long distance dating relationship and make the most out of your lives together.

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Dating Tips for Men: How to Read Her Body Signals II

Dating is an act that everyone engages in when they reached puberty or adolescence. There is a feeling that one needs to have a partner in life to be able to share the challenges and experiences with. For this reason, men and women have the same level of needs and interests and both want to find the right persons for each other. Women send subtle signals to men they are interested with and it will be easy for you if you are aware of these. Women are also generally attracted to some features that you can adopt for yourself. Check this article out for the second part of how women might display their interest on you.

This time, the focus in on the lips when dating. That part of the body responsible for communicating thoughts, feelings, ideas and interests. Lips can actually depict many things without even saying anything. Second to the eyes, the lips are considered as a strong visual signal when dating. Lips are made attractive by women through application of lipstick; they draw a person’s eyes towards that area to get their interest. When you notice that a woman is constantly looking at your lips, it is a sign that she wants to be kissed.

The next signal that a woman may give while on the way to dating is parting her lips. When you see a woman’s lips slightly part and she is looking at you, this means she wants to have a conversation with you.

Another dating signal sent is when a woman licks her lips, this would indicate that she has got the hots for you. This gesture is sexually enticing and used in fast speedy tease or foreplay. You respond by narrowing your eyes and looking towards her and then subtly touch your lips with your tongue as if to wet them. If the woman replies with a smile, it indicates she wants to talk with you so you hop on to the dating part already.

Smiling is a sign that indicates interest and pleasure. A full smile involves the whole facial muscles as well as the quality of the luster in the eyes. When dating, watch out if the woman smiles but the eyes do not shine, for she may be forced by the situation and not really agreeing with you on something. However, try your best to give your most genuine smile so that the same quality may be returned.

Laughing. When you are dating and you send the woman into fits of laughter, then you are on your way to a good time with her. Good humor, being happy with yourself and your current situation injects liveliness to your new relationship so bear this in mind. However, if women like you, no matter how lame your joke becomes they will laugh at it to show support. Be sure to catch on that. Being funny and happy breaks down barriers. This is a helpful dating tip you must never forget.

So here are more tips to remember when dating. Good luck and Always have fun!

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Dating Prerequisites: What you need to Remember when dating

Dating is a bittersweet experience quite similar to the beauty of nature – you never quite know what will happen next, you just have to enjoy the ride. Dating is exciting and fun but it is at the same time nerve racking and sweat inducing. It is completely normal to experience a turmoil of wonderful and spicy feelings when we talk about dating, love and sex. A lot of things can happen and if you want to emerge sane and happy from the dating game, then you need to keep the following things in mind:

1. Dating is a fair game – which means no cheating. Be completely honest with the other person and the deed will come back to you. If you want to avoid all the rage of a woman then you should do well to tell the truth about yourself.

2. Respect. It is the most important ingredient to a healthy relationship. Respect means treating others with care and consideration. Give due respect to women’s delicate nature and they will shower you with love and affection. Showing and giving genuine respect to women while dating is a big plus points for men. Do it with your sisters, mothers, grandmothers and all other women as well and you will get the respect that you deserve, as well as the girls.

3. Bide your time. When you are already dating, don’t rush it into a relationship. Give time for the friendship to establish itself firmly and then determine if the relationship is strong enough to stand the pressures of a steady relationship. This way you avoid getting into unwanted and bad relationships. You can ensure you picked the right partner to give your time and effort.

4. Communication is the core. Any relationship can grow well when the communication lines are open. When dating it is essential to enjoy each other and talk about interests and desires. Pick up lines are for the superficial but you can use it to add humor. Be genuine and honest with the other person when discussing about your hobbies and activities. Men just have to ask women what their hobbies are to initiate a conversation – and the women will carry on after that.

5. Always have fun. Remember, dating is about getting to know the other person. You engage in dating because you want to have a partner in life – to have fun with, to tackle all problems with, and to be there as you journey in life. Don’t get overly serious when dating, inject fun and humor in your conversations. Happiness is the best gift you can give to your partner and to yourself. The whole point of dating is to have happiness by being with the right person. You must not forget that.

6. Lastly, Love is not Sex. Never equate love with sex for these are two different concepts. Love is defined as the most powerful feeling in the world; it transcends superficiality and derives its power from the divine. Love is sacred and kind. Sex, however is a physical act which derives its power from man himself. Sex is common to all animals and it is never beneficial when abused. Sex needs to be respected and fused with love to reap the full advantage of the activity. Men need to respect women’s needs for love and sex. Men will be rewarded greatly by their partners when they give respect and magic during love making.

All of these things need to be remembered to establish a good and working relationship. Don’t waste your time playing games with love. Remember, a lot of things are there to discover for you and the right partner. Start exploring with her today. Find her first and get things going. Good luck!

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