What Do Americans Want from Online Dating?

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It is a given that every culture has its own do’s and don’ts when it comes to relationships. There are also certain etiquettes that need to be observed. An acceptable behavior for Asians, for example, might not be acceptable for Americans and vice-versa. Previously, cultural differences weren’t that much big of a deal. After all, foreigners who live abroad never forget to read up first, observe, and immerse themselves into the culture first before they get into dating.

However, these differences are becoming more of an issue now because of the popularity of online dating. Because internet dating gives singles access to different people online, trying to find the perfect singles romance just became more challenging. If you are interested in an American single, then research shows that the following are important to them:

Emotional Baggage is a No-No – everyone has skeletons in their closets and undeniably, everyone is damaged in some way. It is just part of life. But burdening your date during your first meeting after online dating is definitely a not a good idea. Leave your heavy baggage at the door and just enjoy yourself.

Activity Dates are Cool – before, most meetings after online dating is composed of dinner or coffee. Nowadays, men and women American singles say that they want activity dates. So next time it’s your turn to plan the date, consider biking, skiing, or even just going to the arcade if that’s her thing.

Men Generally Prefer Women who Have Little Makeup On – except for areas where men are used to dating singles with heavy make-up on, men in general want their date to go light on eye shadows and false eyelashes.

Genuine Profile Pictures – in their attempt to attract the opposite sex, men and women singles both commit “lies” through their pictures. It is important to realize that sooner or later, you will be found out. And you just might lose the person you’re trying to impress into dating you for real.

Save All That Banter for the Real Date – if sparks fly in online dating, Americans say they prefer to date sooner rather than later. They want to exchange all that banter and jokes in a dinner table, not in online private message or email. Many think that e-flirting only appeals to people who (1) have no life, (2) hate their work, or (3) are in prison.

So the next time you look for the real singles romance after online dating, consider the feedback single Americans gave us about their dating preferences. And remember, each one of the people you meet online is unique in his or her own way. Don’t close your doors just yet, online dating might just surprise you.

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