8 Basic Tips for Online Dating


Meeting face to face with someone for the first time sure brings the feeling of thrill, nervousness, and excitement. Bear in mind, however, that although you have gotten close by talking about many things online, you still need to be always on guard when dating with a stranger or someone you barely know.

Below are some tips to help you have a safe date.

Set your meeting place, date, and time. Never let him pick you up or drive you home. If you decide to go to dinner, then meet him at the restaurant. If you are nervous about going alone, then consider a double date. It’s also a good idea to meet in a public place where a lot of people can see you.

Pay for half the bill. For sure, you don’t want to be haunted by the feeling that you owe him anything. And while it’s respectful for a man to offer to pay the bill, you aren’t sure if he really feels like it. It is therefore not a bad for a woman to go dutch by paying half of the bill. Doing so won’t make you feel you have any obligation to return the favor.

Avoid alcohol on your first date. Alcohol always affects the way you think; sometimes, even the way you act. If you just can’t say no to alcohol on your first meeting, then have only one or two. It’s best not to drink alcohol at all.

Bring your own car. Make sure to have your own means of transportation when going to the meeting place. Make sure also that your car have enough gas.

Don’t think that the man you’re dating with is safe. Just because he said he is religious, doesn’t mean he’s safe. Do not put your whole trust to him even if you’ve already been talking online for months.

Trust your gut feeling. If you feel that something isn’t right, don’t try real hard to make things feel ok. Be observant and find out what drives you to have such feeling. You can leave immediately if you notice that there’s really something wrong going on.

Let a family member and a friend know you are meeting someone. Tell them, where and what time you are going to meet. While on your date, you can even call to tell them everything’s going fine.

Be alert. Remain alert even if there’s a great chemistry between you. Don’t forget to bring your phone.

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