Five Fun Ideas for a Real First Date after Online Dating

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A first date that’s full of fun is memorable especially if you felt some chemistry. When the date preparation is up to you, then make sure you do everything that will spark a singles romance. Impress her by showing off your thoughtful side. And let her know that the two of you have something beyond online dating.

Your date surely loves surprises so you better let your creativity and your singles romance ideas shine through. Here are some fun ideas that will increase your chances to hit that second date.

1. Disco or Fun Indoor Sport.
If you know that your date is fond of dancing based on your communication in online dating, take her to a club and dance with her! On the other hand, if she loves sports, then go to a roller-skating alley and just have fun. Make sure you take pictures. They it will give you something to discuss and laugh over afterward.

2. Carnival
If your date is a kid at heart, she will surely appreciate a night in a carnival. There’s no way your date will be bored because there are lots of interesting things to see, experience, and talk about. You’ll definitely have a comfortable conversation flow.

3. Movie-Dinner Route
Reverse the traditional dinner-movie routine. This time, try going to the movie first before heading for dinner. This will give you enough time to get to know each other better after online dating. The film will also give you something to discuss about over dinner. You’ll create a bonding experience especially if the movie you watched was memorable.

4. Sing your Heart Out
If you both love to sing, then there’s nothing better than going to a Karaoke bar together. To add to the fun, sing onstage and show off your talent.

5. Road trip
No, you don’t need to go to a specific place, just get in the car and drive. What’s important with a car date is that you have the chance to talk without having to worry about the money, ambiance, or pretensions. Just pull over to a drive-through if you get hungry.

It is possible for an online dating to move on to an offline romance. Just know the moves that will make it comfortable and fun. And it’s all good.

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