Dating Tips for Men: How to Read Her Body Signals II

January 4th, 2010

Women Body Language

Dating is an act that everyone engages in when they reached puberty or adolescence. There is a feeling that one needs to have a partner in life to be able to share the challenges and experiences with. For this reason, men and women have the same level of needs and interests and both want to find the right persons for each other. Women send subtle signals to men they are interested with and it will be easy for you if you are aware of these. Women are also generally attracted to some features that you can adopt for yourself. Check this article out for the second part of how women might display their interest on you.

This time, the focus in on the lips when dating. That part of the body responsible for communicating thoughts, feelings, ideas and interests. Lips can actually depict many things without even saying anything. Second to the eyes, the lips are considered as a strong visual signal when dating. Lips are made attractive by women through application of lipstick; they draw a person’s eyes towards that area to get their interest. When you notice that a woman is constantly looking at your lips, it is a sign that she wants to be kissed.

The next signal that a woman may give while on the way to dating is parting her lips. When you see a woman’s lips slightly part and she is looking at you, this means she wants to have a conversation with you.

Another dating signal sent is when a woman licks her lips, this would indicate that she has got the hots for you. This gesture is sexually enticing and used in fast speedy tease or foreplay. You respond by narrowing your eyes and looking towards her and then subtly touch your lips with your tongue as if to wet them. If the woman replies with a smile, it indicates she wants to talk with you so you hop on to the dating part already.

Smiling is a sign that indicates interest and pleasure. A full smile involves the whole facial muscles as well as the quality of the luster in the eyes. When dating, watch out if the woman smiles but the eyes do not shine, for she may be forced by the situation and not really agreeing with you on something. However, try your best to give your most genuine smile so that the same quality may be returned.

Laughing. When you are dating and you send the woman into fits of laughter, then you are on your way to a good time with her. Good humor, being happy with yourself and your current situation injects liveliness to your new relationship so bear this in mind. However, if women like you, no matter how lame your joke becomes they will laugh at it to show support. Be sure to catch on that. Being funny and happy breaks down barriers. This is a helpful dating tip you must never forget.

So here are more tips to remember when dating. Good luck and Always have fun!

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For Men: How to Read the Body Signals that Women Display

January 3rd, 2010

Women Dating Mixed Signals

Are you currently dating and hoping you can read a Woman’s mind so you would now what to do next? Well, men have a different point of view than women and we should know that they think differently. Women are quite transparent with their feelings – if you know how to read them and catch on.

In our society, women should be the one pursued and we men should be the first ones to make a move. A woman sends a lot of signals to attract the ones they like by sending subtle messages. Guys who recognize these signals tend to be lucky and find their partner sooner. For those guys who do not catch on, you risk to lose the interest of the woman for you and you leave them free to find other partners.

If you want to learn, then here are some lessons for you so you would know when a woman is interested with you.

1. The extended gaze –  This is when a woman makes eye contact with you for more than the normal gaze. This would mean that when she locks her eyes on you and you both hold each others gaze for more than one or two second, then she is interested in you. When she does this, make a reply by narrowing your gaze and looking back at her. Remember: do not stare, you just look ok?Make sure you read this subtle message and make an appropriate response because when a man fails to respond, she loses her interest thinking that you have no interest in her and she moves on.

2. The Check Out – A woman checks out a man just as much as a man checks out a woman. The woman does this in subtle ways. She will start from the face, checking out how it is being taken care of, then downwards to your hands and feet. You want to make sure that you are well-groomed, you keep your hair neat, your face fresh, your hands and feet clean and tidy as well. When the woman checks you out and you see a smile on her face, it means she is interested and it’s your time to move now.

3.Dilated Pupils – Everytime a person likes what he sees, his pupils will dilate. When you see a woman checking you out or talking with you in a date and her pupils are dilated: this means she likes you. This is applicable for both men and women. So try looking for the signs from her eyes, watch out for dilated pupils and make your move.

4.Blinking – When dating if you see a woman blink at you, it means she wants to get your attention. A woman is blinking so she can attract your attention.

5. The Flicker – The flicker pertains to the rapid movement of the eye from side to side. When the woman does the flicker on you while dating (moving her pupils back and forth in a semi rapid pace), she is looking for some signs that you are interested in her. Some say that when you see this, this means that she already approves for a kiss. And so you go and make the most out of your time.

These are just a few of the subtle body signals that women give off when they are interested in a guy. So make sure you have this in mind when dating. Goodluck!

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Christian Dating for Men: How to find your Perfect Christian Partner

December 30th, 2009
Christian dating

If you are one of those Christian dating men who want to find a good woman, then here’s something that will help you identify and find them.

Christian dating is simply dating but with emphasis on Christian values and principles. For men who frequent Christian dating sites, they are surely looking for women who embody Christian ideals. Some men would usually think that good women are characterized by the following features: outstanding physical body, poised and respectful demeanor, shows genuine humor and displays vibrant personality. Although these are indeed desirable traits in a woman, the Bible also offers characteristics that can help you identify a woman of excellence. If you are a man who joins Christian dating sites to find Christian partners in life then read on.

Taken from the Book of Proverbs of the Holy Bible, here are some features that reflect a woman of excellence:

1. Saintly – Her faith in God is strong and undying and she apparently obeys God’s laws.

2. Trustworthy – She must display dependability in all matters. A trustworthy Christian woman is a good partner to have in life because you can count on her in any endeavor that you choose to pursue.

3. Wise and Kind – She speaks well and with depth and character. She is always open to other people and accepts others without passing judgment. If you are dating, you will know if these traits are present when you feel that you are being encouraged and given good judgment.

4. Strong and dignified – She shows deep self-confidence and upholds herself in all situations. When dating, you will know this if you see her carrying herself gracefully and encouraging others to do so as well.

5. Thoughtful – While dating, a thoughtful woman does not allow evil thoughts and ideas to grace the conversation. She always thinks of positive and good things which manifest her love for goodness.

6. Caring – She give genuine help to those who need her.

7. Organized – Her plans are apparent and consistent. She thinks ahead and follows the plan that she has set.

8. Physically fit – She knows how to take care of her body, using it to reach optimal personal growth. You can see that when dating, she is neatly and appropriately dress. This characteristic is also manifested by a well-toned body.

9. Industrious – She strives to do what she can to be able to help herself and others. She does not

10. Business-minded – Her practicality and wisdom extends beyond life and into the business world. She knows how to run things and she is also educated or smart.

These are some of the characteristics that the Bible suggests for you to find in your Christian dating partner. If you want to have a good and excellent Christian woman as your lifetime partner, then bear these things in mind. All of these characteristics can be incorporated in anyone’s life so be sure to apply it to yourself first. That way, if you exhibit the same values you will also attract the woman with the same beliefs. Christian dating sites are filled with women so be sure to choose those who got the Christian values imbued in them.

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Dating Prerequisites: What you need to Remember when dating

December 27th, 2009

Dating Tips

Dating is a bittersweet experience quite similar to the beauty of nature – you never quite know what will happen next, you just have to enjoy the ride. Dating is exciting and fun but it is at the same time nerve racking and sweat inducing. It is completely normal to experience a turmoil of wonderful and spicy feelings when we talk about dating, love and sex. A lot of things can happen and if you want to emerge sane and happy from the game, then you need to keep the following dating tips things in mind:

1. Dating is a fair game – which means no cheating. Be completely honest with the other person and the deed will come back to you. If you want to avoid all the rage of a woman then you should do well to tell the truth about yourself.

2. Respect. It is the most important ingredient to a healthy relationship. Respect means treating others with care and consideration. Give due respect to women’s delicate nature and they will shower you with love and affection. Showing and giving genuine respect to women while dating is a big plus points for men. Do it with your sisters, mothers, grandmothers and all other women as well and you will get the respect that you deserve, as well as the girls.

3. Bide your time. When you are already dating, don’t rush it into a relationship. Give time for the friendship to establish itself firmly and then determine if the relationship is strong enough to stand the pressures of a steady relationship. This way you avoid getting into unwanted and bad relationships. You can ensure you picked the right partner to give your time and effort.

4. Communication is the core. Any relationship can grow well when the communication lines are open. When dating it is essential to enjoy each other and talk about interests and desires. Pick up lines are for the superficial but you can use it to add humor. Be genuine and honest with the other person when discussing about your hobbies and activities. Men just have to ask women what their hobbies are to initiate a conversation – and the women will carry on after that.

5. Always have fun. Remember, dating is about getting to know the other person. You engage in dating because you want to have a partner in life – to have fun with, to tackle all problems with, and to be there as you journey in life. Don’t get overly serious when dating, inject fun and humor in your conversations. Happiness is the best gift you can give to your partner and to yourself. The whole point of dating is to have happiness by being with the right person.

6. Lastly, Love is not Sex. Never equate love with sex for these are two different concepts. Love is defined as the most powerful feeling in the world; it transcends superficiality and derives its power from the divine. Of all dating tips, this is probably one of the most important. Love is sacred and kind. Sex, however is a physical act which derives its power from man himself. Sex is common to all animals and it is never beneficial when abused. Sex needs to be respected and fused with love to reap the full advantage of the activity. Men need to respect women’s needs for love and sex. Men will be rewarded greatly by their partners when they give respect and magic during love making.

Keep these dating tips in mind to establish a good and working relationship. Singles romance is great because you meet singles dating but it shouldn’t be your sold preoccupation. Don’t waste your time playing games with love. Remember, a lot of things are there to discover for you and the right partner. Start exploring with her today. Find her first and get things going. Good luck!

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Online Dating Tips for Men

December 26th, 2009

Online Dating Online Dating has already been a craze, especially because a lot of people spend most of their time in the Internet. However, the dynamics of dating in the real world is a far cry from its online counterpart. If you want to have a better chance in online dating, then it would do well for you to remember the following advice:

1. Create a better profile. Women are interested more with men who are honest and confident in their profiles. Be sure to constantly update your photos and avoid being negative as it deters interest in women. Be descriptive and clever with your profile; show as much true humor as you can muster and always strive to be unique but original. Remember that your profile is like your resume. Women tend to be choosy and they have a set of standards so you’d do well to beef up your profile.

2. Be open-minded. Never rush for the perfect date or the perfect match. Whether online or in person; when you are dating, you are trying to get to know the other person so don’t pass judgment yet. Even if you already have a particular preference for skin or hair color, being open would enrich your life experience and let you gain new perspectives. Be patient and consider multiple singles so you can have a range of different experiences with other people that will help you decide what features you want best. You can narrow down your choices and pick the one who reflects your personal beliefs best.

3. Know what you want. Do not waste time and hurt other people’s feelings, always clarify the level of your friendship and decide what stage you want yourself to be in. Know what you are looking for so you can prevent damages from being done. This would mean that you have to be open-minded but responsible as well. Make sure that you respect women when you try to get to know them. Women love men who know their thing and are in control. You also have to pick the right online dating site, one that aligns with your personal preferences on online dating.

4. Always tell the truth. You don’t want to earn the wrath of your potential friend or lover just because of a simple white lie. No matter how earnest you ask for forgiveness, there is one in a million chance that women will forget the lie easily. Never lie online; it’s a big turn down.

5. Don’t give up easily. Be patient and fight feelings of discouragement. Although women receive a lot of emails and messages every day, with a unique profile you are bound to find your match in the right time. There are thousands of women online from all over the world. Always remember to be open-minded and patient. You might be surprised and thankful with what you find over the internet.

6. Lastly, don’t get too close too fast. Remember that Women don’t like being rushed. Women want attention, care and someone to enjoy their life with (women are bugged by pushy men). Just play it cool, be respectful, and genuinely enjoy your time with her. That will surely do the trick. Women want their man to show them how to have fun in life and be secure at the same time. You’d like to give that hint to women when you are online dating.

Make online dating a worthwhile experience. Remember these tips and find your match now.

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Online Dating Tips for Men: Which Are You – the Turtle, the Rabbit, or the Fox?

August 7th, 2009

online dating site

For experts in online dating, the challenge is not how to improve your free dating site profile, but how to make the transition from meeting someone on the internet and interacting with them for real. This phase can make or great a relationship. It is crucial to take note that balance should be maintained. On one hand, you don’t want to seem aggressive. But on the other, you don’t want to look too desperate either.

Aggression can be a good thing depending on the level of attraction between you and your date. If she is sending you good vibes then making a move is usually a good idea. Desperation is never good though. You might look needy, out of control, or a loser. And if you have the bad luck of meeting a gold-digger, it is possible that she might take advantage of you as well. So how can you strike the right balance?

We have used the analogy of the turtle, rabbit, and the fox to help you out. What fox? Read on.

Turtle – the approach of the turtle is, obviously, very slow. You spend too much time exchanging emails, chatting over messenger, and talking on the phone. This online dating approach is not necessarily bad but the main downside is that you don’t get to see each other physically to find out if there is real chemistry. And there might be another guy that’s trying to meet up with your online date. As in the story, the rabbit might win the race.

Rabbit – the rabbit is the exact opposite of the turtle. These guys want to meet ASAP, on the same day if possible. This approach works best when you are talking to spontaneous women who are willing to meet you. “Rabbits” also have a lot of luck with women craving for some exciting adventures in their lives. But like the turtle, there are disadvantages to this tactic. There might not be a connection between the two of you at all; it is also possible that the woman you meet through online dating is emotionally imbalanced.

Fox – fortunately, there is a middle ground between the turtle and rabbit. That is, once you have a mutual connection from free dating sites, you should take one step further. Also, be smart about the place where the two of you will meet. Choose a comfortable spot that isn’t your home turf or hers.

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For Men: Dating Approaches in Free Christian Dating Sites

August 5th, 2009

free Christian dating site

When you think about the possibilities of online dating, you cannot help but be excited. There are literally thousands of women looking for their perfect match out there. However, before you get too excited, realize that there are also thousands of men who are looking. The key is to claim the top spot on the free dating site. Better yet, try to narrow down your search. If you’re a Christian, look at free Christian dating sites and other Christian dating services.

But how exactly can you make your online dating approach more effective than the next guy. And if the girl you’re interested in is receiving 50 emails per day, how can you be sure that yours will stand out? The answer is first impression. The first contact between you and her should contain sparks, or it should be witting and interesting, at the very least.

Shotgun Approach – here, you are basically going after any woman who meets your basic criteria such as height, weight, education, and income. You don’t bother to read her complete profile. Instead, you send out a canned email to her and many other women like her in free Christian dating site. You figure that based on the amount of emails you send, someone is bound to reply.

Rifle Approach – you only go after women that have serious relationship potential. You pore over their online dating profiles one by one, just to make sure that you guys are compatible. Then you proceed to write an introduction that can sweep her off her feet.

So which is the best approach? Actually, none of the two are highly recommended if you’re looking for love in free Christian dating sites. Instead, you can take the best practices out of each approach and implement it to your own online dating style. Remember that beautiful women are receiving tons of emails each day especially if their profile is displayed on free dating sites.

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3 New Changes in the Online Dating Scene

July 31st, 2009


Dating a few years ago is very much different from the scene right now. Because of societal changes, globalization, and of course, the popularity of online dating, the tactics that worked years ago may not be as relevant today. Below are the new changes that has occurred in the dating scene and we are here to give you some tips to take advantage of it.


Should you try a multi-dating set-up? Five years ago, online dating made it possible to get new dates every weekend. But some say that this is no longer enough. A number of singles say that it has come down to a numbers game. As long as you can handle all communications with potential cuties, it’s all good. But is it really “all good”? Depending on your individual principle and mindset, this might work for a few people but backfire on you. It’s always a bad idea to give false hopes to women. Try to stay true to them and to yourself.

People today have Short Attention Spans

Because of the number of things vying for their attention, a lot of people today have shorter attention spans. Yes, that includes you. Everything from iPhones to Facebook can hold your attention. So how does this relate to online dating? Actually, it becomes all the more difficult to get someone’s attention and keep it.

For many, seeing a cute and available guy is not enough. That guy also has to have sex appeal, social skills, and the smarts. Having a sports car wouldn’t hurt as well. For your online dating profile, that means using attention-grabbing headlines, regular updates, and maybe a line or two that shows how witty you are.

Time to Amp Up Your Game

A mere few years ago, creating a good profile and uploading a photo are enough to get you going in online dating. This isn’t true today. Online dating has become too huge and multi-faceted. Some singles are now using taking compatibility tests, uploading videos, and updating their profiles now and then to get real results. Meanwhile, some have opted to join free Christian dating sites or Jewish dating sites to focus on specific singles.

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Singles Dating Advice: The Do’s and Don’ts for Men

July 29th, 2009


For men, the rules of dating are blurred. It is said that “men are from Mars and women are from Venus”, and, in the dating game, this is very much accurate. So what can a guy do, they palms begin to damp and you get nervous about every awkward silence that occurs. If you have a hot date and want to impress her, here are some 5 singles dating advice that will help you out:

Let Her Talk About Herself – many women are good communicators. They listen attentively when talked to and give appropriate response. Unfortunately, some guys are not able to give them the opportunity to talk because they blabber a lot. Even quiet guys have the tendency to be nervous and cover up this “weakness” by talking too much on the first date. Calm down. Just follow the general rule: don’t talk more than she does.

Look at Her Straight – but don’t stare. Give her your 100 percent attention. Looking away is a signal that you’re not interested. In fact, is highly recommended to make eye contact because it makes her feel safe and secure about opening up to you. This is when the bonding takes place.

Be Nice But Not Needy – there is a misconception that women go for the “bad boys”. This is not necessarily true. Like men, some women prefer rebels while some prefer intellectuals. Whatever the case, showing respect and doing small acts of kindness can go a long way. Don’t listen to singles dating advice that tell you otherwise.

Refrain from Using the Sympathy Card – the only thing this would accomplish is a look of pity. Some men play this card by telling the girl how they were abused as a child or how a previous disaster shaped them. If your story is interesting enough, it might work. But in almost all cases, it doesn’t. Use your judgment.

Dating isn’t rocket science but no one can deny that it can get really complicated and even messy. By following the singles dating advice above, you are one step ahead in attaining relationship success.

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Navigating Free Dating Sites for Baby Boomers

July 28th, 2009

There is undeniable proof that baby boomers are hitting free dating sites for love and companionship. But while many of them are experts are looking after their investments or researching about specific ailments, online dating in free dating sites presents a whole new level of challenge. Aside from being unfamiliar with how flirtation these days work, boomers are challenged by the functionalities available in matchmaking services.

Take the example of Peter, who is in his 60’s. He might be able to guard his stock investments online very well but when it comes to changing his personal dating profile, he is at a lost. To help boomers like Peter navigate the online dating world, we came up with a rough guide that will help you along the way:

Put Up Some Pictures – pictures are worth a thousand words. So make sure you place a genuine picture to your dating site profile. Is using and uploading pictures from the webcam a challenge? Have a friend email you a good picture, save it on your profile, and locate it for upload. You’re set to go.

Bookmark Your Favorites – first of all, remember to bookmark your favorite dating sites. It’s quite easy to save specific web pages. Just right click on your mouse and then follow the instructions that enable you to save it to your “favorites” folder.

Remember to Save Your Work – completing that personal profile takes a great deal of effort. In addition, it is easy to misplace your information. To avoid re-work, be sure to save your personal profile in a .doc document just for back-up in case you get disconnected. You can use this info from one free singles dating site to another.

Learn About the Different Features of Dating Sites – different free dating sites may have distinct interface but some basic features most are likely to have include chat rooms, email, message boards, and instant messages. All these make communication easier.

With this guide, there is no excuse not to try out free dating sites. It can help you find true love on the internet.

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