Surviving The Dating Jungle – Tips for Men

January 22nd, 2010

Singles Romance

Dating does not go without rules. Dating is like a jungle out there and to keep yourself safe, sound and on top of the game, you must be aware of the dance of the dating jungle. For you to be on top of the line when it comes to dating, you must prepare and incorporate clever and witty tricks for you to find the perfect match. Women are unfortunately born with the dating instinct and are far ahead of men, so we need to ensure that we are not trampled along the battle.
Here are the general rules when dating:
1. Best dressers are always attractive for females. Women love men who know how to use clothing to enhance their physical attributes. If you want to meet singles dating, always ensure that you wear clean socks and shoes and wear clothes that are spotless and fits you well. Go with the current fashion trends but be sublime about it. Show that you know how to take good care of yourself so she would feel secure and proud when you are with her.
2. Hygiene is a major check with women. Rugged style are good for awfully handsome men, yet a lot of women prefer clean-cut males who smell good and look good. Check your hair if it is growing everywhere and don’t forget to shave. Go to your favorite barber shop and get a full service so you can get primed up for your singles romance escapades.
3. Make sure you have a job or career. Responsibility, wit, and ambition attract serious and perfect women. To find a great woman, you must be able to level with them. Strolling along as a skate teacher will land you less than perfect women. Change your lifestyle first and get a career that will help you progress along life. Progressive and successful women do not have time for jobless men or those who have no ambition at all. Get a good plan for yourself so you can be able to take your classy woman out to a romantic out of the country date.
4. Get updated and show that you care about what is happening in the world. Don’t get too focused on yourself, be aware of local situations and national events. Women love to have significant conversations with men and if you can hold one that can both help you become great citizens then you will have a greater success in dating. Women appreciate smart and knowledgeable men.

5. Lastly, don’t anticipate sex when dating for the first time. To meet singles dating, you have to be aware that serious relationships start from a stable friendship and then onwards. If your purpose is plainly on having sex, then go find yourself a promiscuous woman they are available everywhere. However, if your goal is to catch a prized woman then never go for a girl who engages in a sexual act with you on the first date. Show the woman that you respect her decisions and that you will patiently wait for her. This will result into a stronger bond between you and your date.

These are just 5 of the numerous rules in the meet singles dating game. Don’t forget about them when you talk to your date so you would get a better chance in having a cozy night. Good luck!

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Tips in Posting Good Online Dating Photo – Part 2

January 21st, 2010

Online Dating

In the Part 1 of Tips in Posting Good Online Dating Photos, we have outlined 4 excellent tips that will help you get noticed in the world of internet dating using your online photos. But knowing that most singles using free dating sites need more, we thought about another set of tips that will help you stand out. Among the things you should consider doing include:

  1. Post “Action” Shots – if you love a certain type of sport, then post a photo of you in a basketball jersey or running outfit on free dating sites. This will give other singles a sense of who you are and what they can expect from you. And even if you’re not active in any sports, it is still possible to post exciting shots. Placing a picture of you at the park, at the university, or hanging out with friends is also a good idea.
  2. Remove Your Sunglasses – people think that sunglasses make them look cool. To a certain extent that may be true. However, in trying to meet someone in Christian dating sites or free dating sites, the more open you are the better. Ditch the glasses and be more natural. Your eyes are the window to your soul, after all.
  3. Don’t Put an Online Photo of Yourself with Someone from the Opposite Sex – this may seem obvious to some but it is surprising the number of men who make this mistake. Never put a picture of yourself posing with an ex or even a “special” friend. It will make you look like a two-timing jerk. Also, never crop out a girl from the photo, especially if some parts of her hair or arm are still showing. Still not convinced? How would you like it if a potential long-term partner asks you about it on the first date? Awkward, right?
  4. Don’t Post an Online Photo with Kids – unless you’re a proud daddy of a little kid(s), posting your cute photo with little tykes is not a good idea. Women might get the wrong signals. They might think that you’re looking for someone to take care of the kids. And some women don’t cherish the thought of taking care of tykes that are not their own.

Put More than One Photo – women will only have a rudimentary portrayal of you if there’s not enough information on your profile. Putting two or more photos on free dating sites is a good way to let them know more about yourself. Aside from placing a close-up shot, a full-body shot will be appreciated as well.

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Dating Escapades That Will Surely Melt the Heart of Any Woman

January 20th, 2010

Meet Singles Dating

Dating need not be boring and nerve-racking. As men, you need to create a dating atmosphere that will get your woman cozying up on you at the end of the night. If you are a man who want to keep your girl asking for more dates from your then this article will give you some helpful ideas about singles romance.

You can create an awesome dating experience that will  get your woman craving for more of you with these dating tips!

1. Take your woman out on a wonderful date in the midst of nature. Research and Google map your area so you can find local spots close to rivers, mountains, waterfalls, forests or museums where you can share beautiful and awe inspiring scenery. This will guarantee you an open and friendly atmosphere for your date and will lead to a more intimate relationship in the future.

2. Take your date travelling to a beautiful spot in your country or in other places. Try booking a flight in Hawaii and dig your toes into its ethereal white sand. In singles romance, don’t be afraid to try new activities. You can go surfing, wake boarding, or skydiving. Share the ultimate experience with each other.

3. You can search for local festivals in your area or in other countries if you can afford to spend that much on your date. Local festivities are held every month in different regions of your country so find one that you can both visit. Share in the fun of the festivals, dance with the mascots, eat the local food and visit souvenir booths while enjoying each other at the same time.

4. For a romantic dating idea, set up a place for you to enjoy the stars amidst the great night sky. Get futons or thick covers so both of you can lie down and count the stars falling from the heavens. Bring romantic or relaxing music to create the mood so both of you could enjoy the stars and the night together. Bring in food and some wine for added romantic effect. Your woman will truly love this.

5. Go active dating by engaging in adventures, sports, or other fun activities. Nothing can induce good feeling better than the endorphins released during exercise. Take advantage of that happiness by dating on the boat while fishing, or you may both engage in gardening, ice skating, kayaking, horseback riding, going to football or basketball games and go-carting. Basically, this dating advice is about searching for other activities both of you might enjoy so you can increase developing a good foundation for your relationship.

Women love it when men ensure that they will have a fun time during their dates. Women are kind people who accept you if you show genuine care and love for them. When you take her out dating, keep these singles romance tips in mind. You should always make your woman comfortable, design an excting date for her as well as make her happy all throughout the date.

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Tips in Posting Good Online Dating Photo (Sticky Post – Please see below for new articles)

January 19th, 2010

Online Dating

When it comes to online dating, one of the things that matter most is your profile photo found on internet dating sites. A picture speaks a thousand words. And with countless other individuals trying to seek other singles, the photo may be your best armor in the online dating field. Let’s be honest. Girls can write the most charming “About Me” page but no one will read it if her photo wasn’t interesting enough in the first place. The same is true when these girls are seeking out “datable” guys.

So what makes for a great photo on internet dating sites? To help you find out, we compiled a few tips below.

1. Smile! – When someone flashes her pearly whites at you, it makes you feel special. At the very least, it makes you want to respond with a big smile of your own. The same is true in online dating communication. People want to connect with happy people. Subconsciously, they want someone who can make them happy as well. Grin and save the leave the pouty shots at the dustbin.

2.Dress Casually – formal pictures are usually a turn off. Well, that tux shot from the wedding you attended might be alright but try not to post a picture with you in a strict corporate outfit. It will make you look too serious and no fun to be with. Instead, posting pictures of the “real” you might be a good idea. It is best to post shots of you doing some type of sport or having fun on a night out.

3.Avoid Too-Hot Shots – as you’ve probably heard, there is a line between sexy and slutty. Don’t post “exotic” pictures of yourself unless it is your goal to find singles with naughtiness in mind. Also, it is a come-on for scam artists, maniacs, and people with some kind of mental problem. It sends out a signal you wish didn’t give.

4.Stop Posting Old Photos – this does no good to you or the single you’re interested in. In free dating sites, it is easy to pretend to be someone you’re not but this temptation should be resisted. If you gained 10-pounds in the last year, don’t be ashamed of it – do something about it! But don’t trick people in the process. Likewise, posting 20 year old shots of yourself is another form of misrepresentation.

Hopefully, the tips below will help you avoid disaster when visiting free dating websites. Remember to be yourself, be honest, and be confident in who you are. It will shine through amidst the clutter in any internet dating sites.

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Online Dating – How to Get Women Clicking on Your Profile

January 18th, 2010

Online Dating

Online dating sites offer its members a chance to make themselves unique by allowing them to create their own profile which can be viewed by all site users. One of the most basic thing to accomplish when online dating is making the opening profile as catchy and interesting as possible.

Your profile is one of the most vital tools in attracting women when searching for an online match. It is essential that you learn some basic ideas on how to make your online profile attention-grabbing for millions of wonderful women out there.

Almost all online dating sites have the same features in that they ask you to create a simple or extensive profile about yourself. Most of the time, an online dating site contains a browsing area wherein potential singles may scan numerous profiles of other singles as well. When a woman seems interested with your opening profile, then she will click on your user name to find out more interesting details from you. It is now your task to be able to turn that simple browsing gesture into a click and further on to a full-fledge online conversation with her.

The browsers on online dating sites usually give a brief description of you, which is why it is very vital that you immediately hook and enthrall these women through your opening profile. A boring and plain opener will just get overlooked by women and you surely don’t want that to happen.

Here are some few tips on how to get women enthralled by your opening profile:

1. Create msytery with your username. Get one that is anonymous but descriptive. According to studies on online dating, people’s impressions are greatly influenced by selective usernames and you should take that advantage in your profile. Go for names such as TreeHugger, BigWaveSurfer, NauticalMan, SpaceBuff or GeoJoe. Use your interests, hobbies, jobs, ideals or even philosophical concepts as inspiration for your username.

2.Hook women with your Banner or Subject Line. Online dating sites allow you to input one or two sentences so you could sell yourself to women. Describe yourself in a happy and active manner. Perk up your banner by creating humorous, warm and happy subject lines. Put in details such as “crazy about surfing”, “loves to laugh all the time”, or “good cook and lover”. Avoid lines asking for serious commitment and lifelong partnership because this will just scare women away. It is too premature to put serious ideas like that on your preliminary profile.

3. Engross them with your personality profile. You need to show them your experiences in life and how fun it is to spend time with you. Honesty is always a great value which is very applicable in online dating. Give true and honest description about your physical characteristics. Try to describe yourself using words that can create a sensual mental picture of you, such that instead of saying “I am tall” why dont you opt for “I am Long-legged”. This will grab more attention and curiosity from women as they love colorful and humurous descriptions.  Include in your profile the ways in which you interest yourself. List down the activities that you engage in and show that you are balanced by having serious and fun daily routines.

With these few steps, you can turn your drab profile into a captivating one resulting into more women browsing your profile. Goodluck!

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5 Quality First Date Tips for Men

January 15th, 2010

Dating Tips

Dating is one of the most frequent activities that inspire both men and women. Men have commonly been assigned in asking women out and approaching them whenever possible. If you are on your way to your first date and you don’t know what to do, then read on for to find some dating tips for men.

Here are some wonderful ways for you to increase your appeal to women:

1. First and foremost you should be able to relax and show that confident smile. Gorgeous and attractive women make a man nervous and jittery. This is quite a normal dating reaction which happens to most of us so you should be aware of that. Try and stop being nervous because she may pick up on the signals and become uncomfortable with you while dating. When you feel worried then force a smile on your face and relax your body. Don’t fidget, breathe deeply and smile.

2. Emotionally relate to the woman you are dating with. Turn your attention to fostering a good emotional relationship with her. Be genuinely interested with the life that she is living and relate with her emotionally. Women greatly use emotion and logic when relating with others so refrain from talking too much about yourself and focus on her life.

Focus on building an emotional connection between the two of you. Find out about her life, and then relate your own to hers on an emotional level. Women relate to people through emotions as well as logic, so don’t focus as much on the facts of your life but more on the emotional journeys involved in them.

3. Shower your date with complements. When dating, you will greatly engender a good feeling from your date when you complement the traits that she has. Be sure to be genuine and truthful about it because the woman will feel if you are lying or just telling her good things to get into her pants. Most women know that men chase because of their gorgeous looks and awesome bodies. When you show that you are sensitive with her personality traits, then you can set yourself apart from those physically stimulated men and score a good amount of points with your date. Complement her intellect, will, poise as well as maturity to show that you have a good standard when choosing women to be with.

4. Slowly lead the moment to an intimate one. After dating, don’t be hasty and force a kiss on your date. It will ruin the moment and place pressure on both of you leading you in an uncomfortable situation.

Gradually lead your date to a kiss by slightly touching her on the arm, getting close to her physically and gently touching her hair using your hand. Do these little gestures in a sequence when dating and try to watch out for her reaction. You will know when she will indicate that she wants to be kissed or not, just make sure your read her signals.

5. Lastly, invite her for a drink at your place. You need to toughen up in order to move into a higher relationship when dating. If you are intent on pursuing your date, then try and ask her out for a drink in your house. Don’t forget to ask her if she wants to stay and have some drink in your place. If the woman shows that she wants you and you actually had an intimate moment with her, then it’s natural that you go further. Just ask politely and respect whatever decision she makes.

Hopefully these tips will help you make good with your women starting today.

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Best Dating Advice for Men to Attract Women – Develop Confidence

January 14th, 2010
Dating Tips for Men

Self-confidence is a quality that cannot be seen, but can be felt and perceived by most women. Confidence in a man is one of the most attractive qualities they hold for women, which is why it is important to boost yours especially when dating and meeting potential lovers.

Build up your self-esteem and jack up on your confidence level to be able to attract more women in your life. Women love men who know themselves and who can seem to take them to a world of fun and adventure.
If you lack confidence or you need some advice to boost some self-esteem, then here are some tips that will greatly help you:

1.  Affirm yourself all the time. When you are in doubt or you are feeling down, then forcibly swerve your focus into things that you love about yourself, your interests and your deepest passions. You should always immediately focus on great and positive things because your brain works just like a computer. It only knows what you choose to put in it so be sure to place only positive thoughts so your feel happier and more confident all the time. Let go of habitually thinking negative and self-destructing thoughts, learn to substitute alternative and useful ones. This will greatly influence your attracting power with women, when they see that you seem to know what to do with your life and are happy about it.

2. Change the philosophy of your life. Choose to live a life that honors the uniqueness of each person and their essential roles in the completion of our being. This way you will help other people realize their worth as well as finding your own meaning in this world. Women are greatly attracted to men who are deeply connected with life and know how to respect other people’s uniqueness.

3. Use your imagination and visualization. Be creative and fun and picture the scene that you want to happen. Put it in your mind and make it clear, act out as if it were real. Practice makes perfect, so when you are trying to develop confidence, rehearse and practice everyday.

4.    Lastly, find your own happiness. Know what makes you happy and invest on that interest. When you are good at your craft, more women will be attracted to you and ask you to teach them the things that you do. Confidence is gained when you are sure of what you are doing. You can get this assurance by constant practice and by fulfilling your own wishes and desires first.
Developing confidence is one of the greatest steps in successful dating. If you wish to get that woman you want, then have the confidence to ask her out and show her a great time!

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Singles Dating Advice for Cold Winter Nights

January 11th, 2010

Singles Romance

Winter is a miserable time for most people. The coldness, the chills, and uncomfortable showers make them hide in the house soaking in the heat until winter is finally over. For most people, winter is all about going home as soon as possible after work, being indoors, and shoveling snow. Luckily, the amount of home entertainment today has reached high proportions.

So get rid of boredom and do something with your loved one. Some of the things that can improve the bond between couples include:

  1. Movie Nights – this concept is obviously not a new idea but you can definitely put a twist to it. Instead of watching predictable DVDs, amp it up by cooking delectable meals, preparing snacks, or renting an exciting Blockbuster movie.
  2. Spa at Home – spa is very relaxing, especially during wintertime. Everyone appreciates a foot massage, a warm bath, or a back rub. So buy fragrant oils or aromatherapy candles and be prepared to give your loved one a relaxing massage.
  3. Go For Indoor Sports – visit an indoor climbing center, go roller skating, or try go-carting to make wintertime more fun and entertaining for you and your loved one. Indoor sports will also help you keep active despite the cold weather. It is highly recommended.
  4. Video Game Contests – when it is too cold outside, bring the fun inside. If you have enough funds, buy a gaming console and spend the day playing “sports”. Although online games are a good option, it might be best to buy a Wii so that you are still required to move around.
  5. Plan a Real Vacation – no matter how good simulating a vacation is, there is nothing better than the real thing. If you’ve been aching to go on a cruise, now is the time to do it. Meanwhile, relaxing at beach resorts and eating seafood may be idyllic for some. If it is possible for you to do this, do it during wintertime. You’ll feel the difference!
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Wanna Get Married? Read This!

January 7th, 2010

Singles Romance

For some bachelors, the word “marriage” is enough to make them break out in cold sweat. Certain stigmas about married couples may continue to linger especially if you don’t receive singles romance tips. For example, books and mass media often projects marriage as settling down to dullness, meaningless fights, and money problems. This paints a dark cloud over marriage. However, real men who experienced the joys of being with someone, it is probably the best thing that ever happened to them.

This positive perception is supported by recent findings from the University of Michigan. In the report, it states that happily married couples live healthier and longer lives compared to widowed individuals. The study suggests that the loss of a partner has such an impact on a person that it affects his health. Although no one likes the thought of losing someone, the data only shows that each one has to cherish the time they have together. Below are 3 quick tips that will help your partner feel like you truly care:

Be Passionate – marriage shouldn’t be a dull affair. Unfortunately, stress with work, kids, and household chores, it becomes hard to ignite your passion. Don’t let the predictability of routine and the stress of everyday life get to you. When your partner comes home one night, help with the chores and then provide a relaxing massage just like you did in singles romance. It might lead to snoring but it won’t go unappreciated.

Be Considerate – people can get so used to each other that they start to take each other for granted. This is a very bad idea. Even saying “thank you” to show gratitude will not go unnoticed. Married couples can strengthen their bond by being open, trustworthy, and considerate. Showing kindness to your spouse will definitely go a long way.

Be Unpredictable – it is inevitable for married couples to establish a routine in their life. But having surprises once in a while is important as well. If you usually go to a Chinese restaurant on a Friday night, why not go to a French one instead. Likewise, giving flowers or gifts when it is least expected can generate squeals or delight and reignite passion just like singles romance.

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Dating a Friend’s Ex: Is It a No-No?

January 5th, 2010

Dating Betrayal

Open-minded individuals will tell you, it’s OK. When they’re in the actual situation though, having their friend date their girlfriend still feels disturbing especially when they need to provide singles dating advice. Well, there is no denying that this situation is uncomfortable. If you want to date a friend’s ex, the first thing you need to accent is that you’re on shaky ground. Some people can eventually tolerate it but in certain cases, one relationship or another needs to be broken.

Let’s take the example of Laura. She is obviously a female but her situation is almost exactly the same as what some guys need to deal with. Laura and Elise had been friends since college. When Elise broke up with her boyfriend amicably, Laura was there to comfort her and provide singles dating advice. But Laura has also become close friends with Dan, the ex-boyfriend. She knows the two sides of the coin. A relationship between them developed after they’ve been friends for a year.

When Laura talked to Elise about it, her friend requested her not to go through with it. However, knowing that Dan was serious and recognizing the seriousness of her own feelings, she still decided to go through with it. This inevitably drew a wedge in their friendship. For Laura, the request was unfair since Elise even already has a new boyfriend. Elise, for her part, believed that the new romance is a betrayal. Whatever the case, Laura decided that Dan was worth it.

Laura and Elise might no longer be friends now. In the process though, Laura gained a lifelong love because she was courageous enough to let go of an old friendship.

The situation is obviously different for everyone. Some people are better off cherishing their friendship because the budding romance might turn out to be a dud. Singles dating advice might help but it is a risk that only the person involved can decide for himself.

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