Why Couples Shouldn’t Argue During Mealtime

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Though the title can say otherwise, this blog post is not a guide to etiquette. It is a practical, even common-sense guide that a lot of couples fail to do. Every mealtime should be a celebration. It should not be seen as a time to iron out certain issues in your home or love life. There are many reasons to avoid conflicts during mealtime including:

• The Smallest Issue Gets Blown Out of Proportion – if you’re both hungry, chances are, one of you will blow up in anger. It is easy to get irritable when you lack nourishment and it hurtful words can be exchanged just because of this.

• Tension Can Cause Tummy Ache – another reason to avoid arguing during mealtime is that it can cause indigestion. When you have “that feeling” that no one wants, your emotional pain can easily be translated into physical pain.

• You Might Hurt Yourself – if you tense up, you might chose on what you’re eating. Worse, you might bite the spoon, the fork, or your tongue accidentally. Plus, remember that you’ll look unattractive with tears running down your face and your mouth full.

The reason for this post is that I recently saw a couple who were bickering in a nearby table. Of course, it was obvious that they don’t want to be together even though they tried very hard not to show it. But not being able to bear the sight of each other anymore, they left without finishing their food. What happened to singles romance?

It is almost a given that couples will meet for lunch or go out to dinner whether they want to enjoy each other’s company or discuss bothersome issues. Whatever the case might be for the two of you, it is very important to agree beforehand that the two of you will not kill each other on the dinner table.

Arguing during mealtime is just a very bad idea. And most of all, everything you eat will taste like chalk because your mind is too preoccupied hurt and thinking about how you will strike next.

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