5 Quality First Date Tips for Men

Dating Tips

Dating is one of the most frequent activities that inspire both men and women. Men have commonly been assigned in asking women out and approaching them whenever possible. If you are on your way to your first date and you don’t know what to do, then read on for to find some dating tips for men.

Here are some wonderful ways for you to increase your appeal to women:

1. First and foremost you should be able to relax and show that confident smile. Gorgeous and attractive women make a man nervous and jittery. This is quite a normal dating reaction which happens to most of us so you should be aware of that. Try and stop being nervous because she may pick up on the signals and become uncomfortable with you while dating. When you feel worried then force a smile on your face and relax your body. Don’t fidget, breathe deeply and smile.

2. Emotionally relate to the woman you are dating with. Turn your attention to fostering a good emotional relationship with her. Be genuinely interested with the life that she is living and relate with her emotionally. Women greatly use emotion and logic when relating with others so refrain from talking too much about yourself and focus on her life.

Focus on building an emotional connection between the two of you. Find out about her life, and then relate your own to hers on an emotional level. Women relate to people through emotions as well as logic, so don’t focus as much on the facts of your life but more on the emotional journeys involved in them.

3. Shower your date with complements. When dating, you will greatly engender a good feeling from your date when you complement the traits that she has. Be sure to be genuine and truthful about it because the woman will feel if you are lying or just telling her good things to get into her pants. Most women know that men chase because of their gorgeous looks and awesome bodies. When you show that you are sensitive with her personality traits, then you can set yourself apart from those physically stimulated men and score a good amount of points with your date. Complement her intellect, will, poise as well as maturity to show that you have a good standard when choosing women to be with.

4. Slowly lead the moment to an intimate one. After dating, don’t be hasty and force a kiss on your date. It will ruin the moment and place pressure on both of you leading you in an uncomfortable situation.

Gradually lead your date to a kiss by slightly touching her on the arm, getting close to her physically and gently touching her hair using your hand. Do these little gestures in a sequence when dating and try to watch out for her reaction. You will know when she will indicate that she wants to be kissed or not, just make sure your read her signals.

5. Lastly, invite her for a drink at your place. You need to toughen up in order to move into a higher relationship when dating. If you are intent on pursuing your date, then try and ask her out for a drink in your house. Don’t forget to ask her if she wants to stay and have some drink in your place. If the woman shows that she wants you and you actually had an intimate moment with her, then it’s natural that you go further. Just ask politely and respect whatever decision she makes.

Hopefully these tips will help you make good with your women starting today.

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