4 Essential Things on How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Having a long distance relationship has been a bit easy lately especially as technology grew and communication is less stressful. A hundred years ago telegraphs are the fastest ways to send a message to someone you love, fortunately now, you just have to log in and chat your heart away.

Technology may put everyone a bit closer than their original geographical location is, but some problems and issues encountered by couples who are into a Long Distance relationship are still the same. This kind of relationship is the very challenging one as it may require you to have a more patience and a stronger will on how to make a long distance dating work.

Below are four essential things that both partners should have in a long distance relationship.


If you are wondering how to make a long distance relationship work then you should first be exclusively dating with your partner. Having a clear commitment to the love of your life that is miles away can be the start of this relationship. Have yourself committed to him or her; this will make you more secure as both of you already agreed to a serious and monogamous relationship.


Any kind of relationship needs an open communication. Couples should have enough conversation with each others to let their relations grew more. Besides, you are supposed to have a good communication to someone you already considered as your better half. So how to make a long distance relationship work with the help of communication? This may seem to be easy enough yet it will require a lot of time and effort on both partners. Being away from each other is the biggest hindrance but with the internet and mobile phones, this can be a lot easier. Take some time each day to talk to each other. A one-hour chat over skype, or a cute messages through SMS or emails sent anytime of the day, or a good morning or a good night call can really make a lot difference and can make your love grew stronger.


As we all know, honesty is the best policy, and it is very applicable for any kind of relationship. Honesty can be a big help on how to make a long distance relation work. Both partners, since they agreed on being exclusive should trust each other, they also should value those trust as it is crucial for them. Being honest to each other is also a way to value your partner. If you love someone it is important for you to be crystal clear with them and to let them know everything about you. Honesty should be always treated with caution, because if you started lying then the very core of your relationship is now at the edge of being destroyed.


Being in a relationship is a give and take process. Both partners should know that they need to also give, so make the relationship grow and work. This is also true with long distance relationships. You will need to compromise some of your schedule and activities to give way to have time for each other. Compromising is a trick on how to make a long distance relation work. Both of you have lives to live in a different part of the country or the world yet you need to allot time to spend time with your partner even on the internet.

There are other things important on how to make a long distance relation work aside from those listed above. But the main thing you need to have is your love for one another and it would almost, be enough.

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